About Us

Meditation WA is the West Australian branch of the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga.  We teach Yoga Wisdom and Yoga or Tai Chi based meditation and relaxation techniques that are simple and enjoyable.  The  techniques can be practiced alone or with a group of friends.

Our classes are run by qualified teachers who offer instructions, incorporating gentle exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation and meditation techniques to improve your well-being and balance your lifestyle.  Our programmes can benefit everybody regardless of age or current physical condition.

 Through meditation we can experience inner peace and freedom from the stress and anxiety of this world. Meditation can bring into our lives greater understanding of who we are and enable us to taste the inner joy and happiness for which we are all longing. 

Meditation WA is a non-sectarian, non-profit community based organisation.  All our teachers volunteer  their time and expertise to help others  so we are able to run our classes by donation. Your donation will contribute to the costs of running the class and allow the classes to continue. 


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