Kirtan Meditation


Kirtan Meditation

Kirtan Meditation focuses on ancient yogic techniques that calm the mind and enliven the spirit. This class will help you uncover your natural wisdom and overcome the chaos of your daily life.

Kirtan Meditation classes consist of:

  • Gauranga pranayama, a breathing meditation exercise
  • Japa meditation, a technique that redirects the senses by combining meditation beads with sounds or mantras
  • Yoga sound meditation with musical instruments like the harmonium and the guitar

Immerse yourself in sacred meditation sounds and music to lift your spirit and find joy. Designed to transport you to a place of inner peace and harmony, our Kirtan Meditation programme will reignite your spiritual consciousness and give you the clarity and wisdom you need to gain a greater understanding of life.

Kirtan Meditation is a call-and-response meditation practice. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea with like-minded people to rejuvenate, find balance and relax. Contact Meditation WA to learn more about our Kirtan Meditation classes.

No classes during the Christmas New Year period.  Classes will resume on 10 of February 2019 look forward to seeing you then.

George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Road

Sunday afternoons, 4:00pm to 5:00pm

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